Making University Management More Manageable.

Edumation offers a powerful cloud-based university management system that streamlines administrative and information sharing tasks, improves performance, and saves time and money.


Accelerate University's growth by making better & faster decisions.

Streamlined Plugin Access

1. : Assign multiple plugins to groups of institutions, simplifying operations and processes such as Library, Attendance, and more.

Multiple Admin Profile

Involve multiple administrators by allocating accessibility to the Edumation account panel for efficient workflow management.

Data Analytics and Reporting

Effortlessly view overall data and various reports in a single platform, allowing for informed decision making and faster institution growth.

Customizable Dashboard

Create and customize your institution's dashboard to display important information and key performance indicators.

Automated Workflow

Automate various tasks and processes such as admission and enrollment, freeing up time for administrators to focus on more important tasks.

Admin Profile
User-Friendly Interface

Edumation's intuitive interface makes it easy for administrators to navigate and utilize all features.

Analytics and Report
Secure Data Management

All institution information and data are kept encrypted on highly secured Amazon web servers, ensuring privacy and security.

Virtual Education with Edumation

Edumation offers a seamless solution for universities, bringing operational efficiency and numerous advantages such as:

Remote Learning: Offer accessible education to a wider audience with the ability to teach and learn from anywhere.
Engaging Education: Enhance student engagement with personalized learning experiences tailored to diverse learning styles.
Improved Outcomes: Track student performance and adjust teaching methods in real-time to improve outcomes and student success.
Affordable Education: Reduce costs with online learning and provide an affordable education solution for students and universities.