Simplifying the Running Of Schools And Colleges

Edumation offers a seamless admission process for schools and colleges. Administrators can easily create and manage student applications, enrolment, and registration with the help of customized forms. Payment collection is also made easy with integrated online and other payment methods. This comprehensive solution simplifies the admission process, making it convenient and stress-free for educational institutions.

School/College Management

digitalized and simplified

Manage Learning Lifecycle
Personalized Parent App

Get a smart, interactive and user-friendly parent app listed on app stores with your school's logo, promoting hassle-free communication between the school and parents.

Eliminate Admin Hassles
Admin Convenience

Access Edumation from anywhere with an internet-connected device and a user-friendly interface, eliminating hardware installation and reducing administrative hassle

Create and Manage Courses
Secure Data Management

Keep all school information and data encrypted on secure Amazon servers, ensuring complete protection against malicious use.

Create and Manage Courses
Course Creation and Management

Create and manage courses with ease, streamlining the learning process and promoting student success.

Create and Manage Courses
Automated Attendance and Grading

Streamline the process of tracking student attendance and grades with automated systems, reducing administrative workload and ensuring accuracy.

Create and Manage Courses
Customized Reports

Generate detailed, custom reports on student performance, attendance, and other metrics. Use this information to make data-driven decisions and drive student success.

Create and Manage Courses
Online Exam Management

Conduct online exams and assessments with ease, including proctoring and anti-cheat measures.

Create and Manage Courses
Learning Management System (LMS):

A comprehensive, centralized platform for managing all aspects of online learning, including course content, student progress, and performance tracking

Benefits of Going Virtual with Edumation

Edumation provides a hassle-free solution for schools and colleges, bringing operational efficiency and numerous benefits such as:

Convenient Learning: Access curriculum and resources from anywhere, providing flexibility for students with unique schedules or those living far from campus.
Personalized Engagement: Edumation's tailored learning approach combines live teaching, self-paced and blen ded methods to cater to diverse styles.
Improved Outcomes: Real-time performance tracking and adaptable teaching methods lead to increased student success.
Cost-Effective Education: Online learning cuts expenses on physical infrastructure, administration, and faculty relocation, making education more affordable for students and their families.